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Bringing you home to a genuine and secure insurance advisory space!
Our Vision & Mission

Insurance buying can sometimes get tricky and taxing.  Poonam Khanna aims to bring difference in people’s lives by mitigating risks, and to make their life’s security decisions less complicated and at the same time more effective. Poonam lives by the idea of connecting people to the financial security they can rely on for life. With her insurance advisory services, Poonam endeavours to help people invest in the right insurance plans that serve as a long-term financial protection for any unforeseen incident, life may have planned to bring.

Our Story

Poonam Khanna is a commerce graduate and an insurance enthusiast who always had an interest in the field of finance. She’s an experienced banker having years of cultivated experience in the insurance and finance industry. Over the years, she found her passion for insurance and has built her knowledge and specialties focusing on Canada’s growing insurance industry.

Today, Poonam is a licensed LLQP (Life License Qualification Program) Life Insurance advisor in Ontario, who has used her passion and work experience from the banking & finance sector to offer personalized insurance advisory services as per an individual’s requirement.


LLQP Licenced Life Insurance Advisor


Why Poonam Khanna?

Poonam Khanna is the one-stop for all your insurance needs. Poonam provides need-based insurance solutions tailored uniquely as per every individual client’s demand and concerns. She not only deals with the leading Canadian companies and businesses but also help individuals take a personal interest in the concept of insuring their health and life through all insurance aspects possible.

Poonam regards each client as a member of her extended family, and gives a ‘no pressure insurance advice’ that can add value to an individual’s business or personal security – leaving you confident enough to take the right decisions yourselves. Her strong base of clients vouches for her valuable pieces of personalized advice and consultations about achieving their financial and retirement goals without having to take unnecessary risks.  With her, the clients have not only received the best advice but are also enabled with an after service support that they could claim anytime in their insurance tenure. This has in return led Poonam Khanna to have a long-lasting relationship with every client.

With all the services she has provided in the insurance industry, today Poonam is considered among the top and most trustable financial advisors in Ontario, Canada.

When asked about her working style, Poonam says ” I strongly believe that Trust and Relationship nurtures a something of great value.”

Little Message from Ms. Poonam Khanna,

Hi there, I’m Poonam. A forward thinking businesswoman, learning and thriving each day to see the little details that can make up to be the big picture in an individual’s life. I have always been a passionate people person, which has now also led me to be a proud insurance advisor who values every community we live IN. I have loved helping people understand the importance of insurance and how it can best help you fulfill all your life’s goal.

Message me! Let’s have a quick chat about how I can help you secure your family!

Life is unpredictable. I can creatively apply solutions to safeguard all your concerns and problems relating to insurance that you did not know even existed, be it at an individual, family, or business level; and make life a little easier and brighter. I thrive to keep myself updated with the day-to-day market scenarios  and gain knowledge about the latest insurance products, technologies, and offerings.


I believe our work should bring us a purpose, sense of satisfaction, and for me, that lies in enabling my clients with the best of insurance experience and services. My goal shall continue to remain to do my job to the best of my  ability.”